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Find a Makati Hotel by Location

Searching for a hotel within Makati CBD, or even right in front of Ayala Malls? Prefer to be tucked away in the more quiet side of the city? Search through our sorted list here.

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Accommodations Within Ayala CBD

Hotels in front of Ayala Malls
(Greenbelt and Glorietta)

The Ayala Mall complex is the biggest luxurious shopping center of Makati. It is comprised of 2 main sets of malls - Greenbelt and Glorietta. Each of them have several shopping towers. Generally, Greenbelt houses the more expensive brands and restaurants whereas Glorietta is the place to go to for Filipino brands and more affordable finds. Within the complex, you will also find three department stores with supermarkets - SM, Landmark, and Rustan's. Rustan's is the most high-end among the three.

  • AIM Conference Center Hotel, Makati AIM Hotel
    Located right across the old Greenbelt wing. Cross one street and you're there.
  • Asian Mansion II Condotel Asian Mansion II Condotel
    Roughly a 5 minute walk from the Landmark department store / supermarket.
  • BSA Mansion Condotel BSA Mansion Condotel
    2 streets away from the old Greenbelt wing.
  • BSA Suites Condotel BSA Suites Condotel
    Around 7 minutes away from the Ayala complex on foot. It is situated right across Enterprise Center (one of the biggest corporate buildings), which conveniently has an overpass going to the mall.
  • Hotel Celeste, Makati Celeste Boutique Hotel
    This quaint hotel is around 3 streets away and is nearest to the Landmark / Glorietta mall. Around 6 minutes away.
  • Copa Businessman's Hotel Copa Businessman's Hotel, Makati
    This budget hotel is situated just 2 streets away from the newer side of Greenbelt.
  • Dusit Thani Hotel, Manila Dusit Thani (former Nikko) Luxury Hotel
    This 5 star hotel is right across the SM department store.
  • Intercontinental Manila Hotel Hotel Inter-Continental Manila (5-Star)
    Another international hotel brand right across the SM department store and Glorietta 5.
  • Makati Shangri-La Makati Shangri-la Luxury Hotel
    A name known to many, this luxury hotel is right beside the Link parking lot / mini mall and right across Glorietta. It is also in front of the 6750 building, a notable corporate tower.
  • New World Hotel, Makati New World Luxury Hotel
    This 5-star hotel stands right across Greenbelt 3, a shopping tower which houses expensive brands like Lacoste and Kate Spade. The hotel itself has several stores, including a hair salon and tailor.
  • Peninsula Makati Hotel Manila Peninsula Luxury Hotel
    2 streets away from the Glorietta mall. An underpass makes crossing an effortless endeavor.
  • Prince Plaza Condo Hotel Prince Plaza II Condotel
    Arguably one of the best bangs for your bucks. You get budget rates and a location right smack in front of Greenbelt 5, the newest tower.

Other CBD Hotels, located farther from Ayala Malls

  • El Cielito Inn, Makati El Cielito Inn Budget Hotel
    Strategically located at Pasay Road, Makati. It's just around 12 minutes away from the Ayala mall complex on foot.
  • Mandarin Oriental Makati Mandarin Oriental 5-Star Hotel
    This world-class five star hotel stands right across the Paseo de Roxas Street where many of the major office towers are located. It is also in front of the much coveted Zuellig Building, an all-glass green building.
  • Somerset Olympia Serviced Apartments Somerset Olympia Hotel Apartments
    It stands across the Ayala Triangle and beside Manila Peninsula. The Ayala Triangle is a park with a strip of restaurants.

Hotels Farther away from Ayala

Makati Avenue, Durban, etc.

Many of these hotels are located along Jupiter Street and Makati Avenue, which are famous for their long line of restaurants from a large variety of cuisines. Many people head over to this area at night after work to chill out with friends and unwind.
  • Amorsolo Mansion Amorsolo Mansion Serviced Apartments
    Situated in front of Little Tokyo, a strip of Japanese restaurants.
  • Antel Hotel Suites, A Venue A Venue Hotel / Antel Suites
    A large hotel complex with a mall of its own, appropriately called the A Venue Mall, another popular night hang-out.
  • Berjaya Astor Hotel, Philippines Astor Hotel (now Berjaya)
    Located along Makati Avenue / Jupiter Street.
  • BSA Tower Serviced Apartments BSA Tower Condo-Hotel
    Located within the Legaspi Village, a fairly quieter side of Makati, yet still quite near the Ayala mall. On Sundays, check out Legaspi market for great gourmet finds.
  • Citadel Inn Condo Hotel Citadel Inn Budget Hotel
    Near Bel-Air, an expensive residential community. It is a 12-minute walk away from the Powerplant Mall, a very posh mall, albeit smaller than the Ayala mall complex.
  • City Garden Hotel, Makati City Garden Hotel
    The hotel is located near Jupiter street and its roof deck is one of its best features.
  • Makati Palace Hotel Makati Palace Hotel
    Another hotel by Jupiter Street. This and City Garden are located near each other.
  • Oxford Suites Hotel, Makati Oxford Suites Hotel, Makati City
    Situated in a fairly quiet side of Makati.
  • Saint Illian's Inn, Makati Saint Illians Hotel Inn, Makati
    Located further away from Amorsolo Mansion but still quite near from the strip of Japanese restaurants in Little Tokyo.
  • Somerset Millenium Serviced Apartments Somerset Millenium Apartments
    This high-class serviced apartment is located at Legaspi Village, where you can get a quiet ambiance but still be well within reach of the hustle and bustle of the CBD.
  • Somerset Salcedo / Greenstone Somerset Salcedo Apartments
    Now Greenstone, it is located in Salcedo Village where many posh condominiums stand. A market is held every Sunday where locals enjoy homemade, curated delicacies.
  • Sunnette Tower Hotel Apartment Sunnette Tower Condo-Hotel
    Located in Makati Avenue.
  • Tiara Oriental Hotel, Makati Tiara Oriental Hotel
    Located a little further away from the CBD proper. It is 8 minutes away from the RCBC Plaza, one of the largest (and most expensive) office buildings of the city. Several plays and musicals are also held at this building.


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